IFA Chapter 44

For Bigger and Better Footprints

42st Annual Law Enforcement Awards Dinner 

and the 15th Annual Dispatcher Recognition Dinner  

October 26, 2018

Pictured from left to right:

Trooper Mark White, Nebraska State Patrol; Officer Rich Berggren, Nebraska State Game & Parks Commission; Officer Joe Villamonte, Lincoln Police Department; Deputy Barry Barnett, Lancaster County Sheriff; Jessica Loos, Dispatcher University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Services; Diana Harris, Dispatcher Nebraska State Patrol; Elizabeth Ulmer, Dispatcher Lincoln Emergency Communications Center; Firefighter Cheyenne Jeffers, Lincoln Fire & Rescue; Officer Malisa Rushing, Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. Not pictured: Sergeant Bryan Warner, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Services.

For supporting this event we thank:

Crooked Creek Golf Course, Owner Rick Reynoldson

The Chop Shop, Owner/Operator Bob Soares

Husker Electric, Owner Ralph Beach